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The terms listed here have specific and fixed meanings on this wiki. They can be referenced on other pages with the {{t}} template, which provides the definition as a pop up box when the user hovers on the term. Terms are defined with the {{term}} template.

  • Archive: An archive is an accumulation of primary source records that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime, that are kept to show the function of that person or organization. The records have been naturally and necessarily generated as a product of regular activities, and may also have been collected and selected intentionally in order to represent the history of the archive owner. [View]
  • Folder: A folder is a type of storage location. [View]
  • Idents: An ident is a short string that uniquely identifies a page on ArchivesWiki, and which can be used in a URL to link to the page. [View]
  • Item: An item is any single physical or digital piece of an archive. Each item gets its own page, and may form part of a parent item. [View]
  • Term: A word or phrase that has a particular definition in this wiki and which shouldn't be used in any other sense. [View]