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Idents: An ident is a short string that uniquely identifies a page on ArchivesWiki, and which can be used in a URL to link to the page.

Currently, the following idents are defined:

Ident Page
AB Alan Louis Mathew Berryman
ABC Alexander Brown Croskery
AC Alice Rose Munday (née Cook)
AG Agnes Grant
AGH Arthur Gilbert Howell
AGR Wilson family airgraphs
AGW Alexander Garrick Wilson
AHW Agnes Hay Wilson
AJC Albert James Croskery
AK Allan F.H. Kopke
AMFH Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall)
AMR Alice Margaret Hancox (née Renner)
AMW Alexander Macleod Wilson
AOL Arthur Oliver Lodge
AOW Andrew Oswald Wilson
AS Attfield Street, Fremantle
AS2 Adelaide Street, Fremantle
AW Andrew Wilson
BH Bertram Fowler Hussey
BK Blanche Edith Kelsall (née Leake)
BMDB Bertram Mead Denton Barker
CB Charles Frederick Barker
CB01 Congdon Box 1
CB02 Congdon Box 2
CB07 Congdon Box 7
CB17 Congdon Box 17
CBH Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall)
CBX Congdon unknown
CCH Charlotte Catharina Hall
CEH Charles Edward Hancox
CFB C.F. Barker Archives
CFB2 Charles Frederick Barker, Jr.
CFBF1 C.F. Barker folder 1
CFBF3 C.F. Barker folder 3
CH John Hugh Clarence Hall
CJD Charlotte Jane Donegan (née Herbert)
CJM Constance Janet Wallman (née Martin)
CM Connal MacConal
CMA Catherine Munday (née Aldridge)
CMW Charles William McHarg Wilson
Cook1876 Letter from Henry Cook to John Hill Munday, 16 April 1876
CRH Sydney (or Cecil) Randel Hall
CS Curedale Street, Fremantle
CS2 Chester Street, Fremantle
CSH Charles Stanley Hancox
DAH Dora Ann Hall
DCG Desiree Constance Hancox (née Griffiths)
DG David Garrick
DJW Dorothy Jean McHarg Agnew (née Wilson)
DM Dennis Lodge Martin
DMR Derrick Mowbay Robertson
EAD Ernest Albert Donegan
EAFH Ernest Anderton Frank Hall
EAMH Eva Agnes May Hall
EB Elizabeth Barker (née Hezelwood or Hazelwood)
EC Jeanie Elenora Dunsmuir MacConnal (née Croskery)
ECH Ethel Chard Hancox (née Nelson)
EFH Edward Frank Hall
EG Elizabeth Garrick (née Robertson)
EG2 Eugene Grebenik
EGWH Eric Geoffrey West Hancox
EH Henry Ernest Hall
EJL Enid Joan Lodge (née McRae)
EM Elizabeth Merrett (née Coppin)
EMW Edna May Wilson (née Ferguson)
EOH Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
ETH Ernest Theo. Hall
EW Ephraim Wilson
EWH Esther Winifred Hall (née Smalpage)
FGW Frederick Gordon Wilson
FH Bertram Frank Hussey
FHH Frank Heeley Hancox
FIFER4 Fifer Archives/Folder 4
FLH Flora Louise Hall (née Sherlock)
FLM Frederick Lodge Martin
FSPSF{{{1}}} [[FSPSF{{{1}}}]]
FT Frederick Teesdale
GA Robert David Garrick Agnew
GB George Bracher
GC Gervase Clifton
GGP Geoffrey George Powell
GH Gwynneth Winifred Hutchinson (née Hall)
GJL Gladys Jean Lodge (née Smith)
GL George Leake (1856–1902)
GL2 George Lazenby
GL3 George Leake (1786–1849)
GS Gordon Salom
GW William Garrick Wilson (jnr)
GWHH George William Henry Hall
GWL George Walpole Leake
HAH Harold Aubrey Hall
HBH Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby)
HBMB Henry Bertram Mitford Barker
HBW Herbert Bruce Wilson
HEH Henry Edward Hall snr.
HEHH Henry Edward Hall
HH Harry Hancox
HHH Henry Hastings Hall
HHH2 Henty Hastings Hall
HMC Hilda McCue