Albert James Croskery

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Albert James Croskery
Birth: , Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland
Death: , Brittany, France
Parents: Hugh Croskery
    1803 – after 1897
Charlotte Wallace Brown
Siblings: Alexander Brown Croskery
    10 March 1838 – 3 April 1897
Albert James Croskery
Samuel Maxwell West Croskery
Wikitree: Croskery-64

Albert James Croskery died on 17 January 1865 in the shipwreck of Colombian off Ushant, an island in the English Channel off Brittany, France.[1][2]

Liverpool Mercury, 21 February 1865:[1]

The captain took an observation and said the ship was near Ushant, the vessel was then driving in shore, and in a short time struck on the rocks, she drifted off again and half an hour afterwards went down. When the ship was going down the captain came to the lobby, and witness assisted him off with his boots, the captain went to his room as the ship was sinking, he was not sober then. After the captain's boots were taken off he slipped on the deck, and did not appear to make any effort to save himself, he could not, the man was completely gone. The ship went down sucking all hands with her except the witness and two men, they got on to a pigstye and were afterwards picked up by the pilot boat.

Liverpool Mercury, 3 March 1865:[1]

Mr CROSKERRY joined in October or November 1863, as 2nd officer. Witness had subsequently watched his course closely, and recommended him to pass as 1st master, and having done so he was put on board the COLOMBIAN. Not only from what the witness had seen, but, from the reports, he had every reason to believe that CROSKERRY was a perfectly efficient officer. He had a master's certificate. The other officers had good recommendations.


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