1908-09-15 Fisheries to Aubrey Hall

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Title: 1908-09-15 Fisheries to Aubrey Hall
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Fisheries Department
15th Sept, 1908


The Agent General has been in communication with a Mr Bellis, of London, who is known as the Turtle King, and who has written giving some valuable information relative to the preparation of the Calipash and the Calipee as a dried product. This is imported in large quantities from other Countries by Mr Bellis.

As Turtles are very numerous in our Northers waters, the Hon. The Colonial Secretary, has directed me to ascertain if we can get a fairly good bulk sample to send Hom, with a view of getting it valued, and endeavouring to open up a trade in the Mother Country. Will you please inform me if there is a possibility of your being able to do this for me in the coming laying season, and the approximate cost of doing it.

I am forwarding you a copy of Mr Bellis's letter to the Agent General.

I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
C.F. Gale

Mr Aubrey Hall


Letter from Mr Bellis to the Agent General

The turtle should be killed by cutting off his head, the belly shell (caliprae) then taken off carefully and cleaned from blood and adhering red meat. This belly shell is then to be placed in scalding hot water until the calipree (sic) peels off. Care must be taken not to over-scald or the white bloom will disappear off the outerside — which greatly depreciates the value. The freed calipree (in as large pieces as convenient) then dried in the Sun on wire frames. It will dry quite hard — must be kept from dust and dirt and packed in plain wood boxes or barrels. On the back shell is the dark green or black meat — Calip — rear cage of shell — this can be scalded off and dried in the same way. The younger fins can also be dried — but is of inferior quality.

The red meat of the turtle is not wanted — and is of no value here — but I would suggest and would like to see a sort of Liebig Extract of Meat prepared from this red meat — and I think I could find a market for it.