Pearlshell cutlery set

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WA Museum collection

Title: Pearlshell cutlery set
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Storage location: WA Museum collection (sort key: CH1970.642)
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License: Public Domain Mark This work is free of known copyright restrictions.
Related people: Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall)
Related places: Cossack
Description: "Child's cutlery, pearlshell knife, fork and spoon. Given by Fong Fulson of See Sing & Co., Storekeepers of Roebourne, to Constance (Hall) Berryman, about 1920." CH1970.642

Display at Albany Museum

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Paperknife and child's cutlery set

These pearlshell pieces originate from Cossack, one of the earliest ports and pearling areas in the northwest of WA. They were donated by the family of William Shakespeare Hall, master pearler at Cossack, Western Australia.

Western Australian Museum collection. Cutlery set, circa 1920, donated by Mrs Constance Berryman; CH1970.642 Pearlshell and silver paperknife, circa 1870, donated by Mrs H Hall; CH1970.972