Sarah Theodosia's sea chest of drawers

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Title: Sarah Theodosia's sea chest of drawers
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Storage location: WA Museum collection (sort key: CH1970.656)
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License: Public Domain Mark This work is free of known copyright restrictions.
Related people: Sarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson)
Related places: Western Australia
Keywords: furniture (create)
Description: Teak campaign chest owned by Sarah Theodosia Hall.

The WA Museum's catalog entry:

SEA CHEST, campaign chest, teak wood CH1970.656

Chest of drawers made from teak wood with brass handles. The original leather covering has long since worn away. Sarah Theodosia Hall's initials are outlined in upholsterers' tacks.

The book Colonial Furniture of Western Australia 1829–1910 by Timothy E. Harris (2018, Colonial Jarrah Enterprises, Western Australia) includes the above photo and says:

Anglo Colonial Furniture

A certain amount of furniture made from tropical hardwoods was imported to the Swan River colony from the beginning of the settlement. Henry Edward Hall and wife Sarah Theodosia arrived in February 1829 bringing with them a chest of drawers made entirely of teak of Anglo colonial origins.

Figure 1.1: A colonial teak chest brought to the colony by Henry and Sarah Theodosia Hall on the ship "Protector" in February 1830. This chest was original made in two parts and joined together.

(Figure 1.1 is the same photo as above from the WA museum.)