James Mitchell Wilson

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James Mitchell Wilson
Birth: , Perth, Scotland
Death: , Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Parents: William Wilson snr.
Janet Wilson (née Garrick)
    – 1870
Siblings: Robert G. Wilson
    1830 –
James Mitchell Wilson
William Wilson
    b. 1839 Perth, Scotland; d. 1914 Sydney, Australia
Partners: Marion Wilson (née Shepperson)
Children: Alexander Garrick Wilson
    1875-01-09 – 1951-12-10
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Wikitree: Wilson-100256

Studied medicine at the University of Glasgow in the mid 1860s.[1]

Graduated with First Class Certificate of Merit in Surgery, 4 April 1866 (signed by Professor Joseph Lister).[2]

Working as a doctor in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire in 1871. He wrote to his brother William:[1]

I often wish I had gone to Manchester, but John Wilson where I happened to go for a few days, made me a very good offer, a yearly allowance, he thought he could get on better in London and so left a lot of patients for the newcomer. I have taken very well yet, and mean to give it a fair trial. I have about £70 a year of appointments and possibly as much private practice the first year, that would clear me comfortably alone, though it is somewhat expensive living here, but then there is the constant prospect of walking into the other fellows and I could not do better in any place as without means a fellow in our prefession must be content with a small beginning, though I look forward if spared and well, to something better sometime.

Not sure who the John Wilson is.

Death notice in Daily Mail (Hull, England).[3]

1927, in Hull:[3]


(From our own correspondent)

James Mitchell Wilson, M.D., C.M., D.P.H. late county medical officer for the East Riding, and author of numerous works on health, sanitation, water supply, etc., died at his residence at Beverley late on Sunday night. Born in 1844 at Perth, he came to England as house surgeon to the Huntingdon County Hospital He held appointments successively at Rochdale and Doncaster, and came to the East Riding as County Medical Officer in 1901. He retired in 1918, but his services were retained in a consulting capacity. He married in 1873 Marion, daughter of Wm. Shepperson, of Whittlesea, and they celebrated their golden wedding four years ago.

Mrs Wilson and three sons survive.