Hubert Sylvian Hall

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Hubert Sylvian Hall
(b. 1885, Roebourne; d. 1929 Moora.)
Birth: , Roebourne, Western Australia
Death: , Moora, Western Australia
Parents: James Anderton Hall
Lillian Helena Hall (née Bruce)
Siblings: John Hugh Clarence Hall
    1861-04-21 – 1884-09-30
Mary Lucy Kate Hall
    1863-03-30 – 1875-10-24
George William Henry Hall
Eva Agnes May Hall
Ernest Anderton Frank Hall
Samuel Godfrey Boyd Hall
    1871-02-25 – 1945-07-21
Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall)
Lillian Bertha Ella Hall
Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall)
Sydney (or Cecil) Randel Hall
    1887-06-24 – 1887-12-24
Hubert Sylvian Hall
    b. 1885, Roebourne; d. 1929 Moora.
James Herbert Edward Hall
    b.1880 Roebourne; d.1918 Roebourne.
Partners: Isor Cecile Ester Hall (née Deakin)
    1892-06-24 – 1981
Children: Peter Beresford Hall
    1927-03-29 –
Geoffrey Hubert Hall
Evan Hubert Hall
Keywords: H.M. Wilson Archives
Wikitree: Hall-22341
Ancestry: 312555399874

Hubert Sylvian Hall was born on 25 March 1885 in Roebourne[1] to Lillian and James Hall[2] Also known as 'Hugh'.[3]

He married Isor Cecile Ester Hall (née Deakin) and they had three sons: Geoffrey Hubert Hall, Peter Beresford Hall, and Evan Herbert Hall.

He died on 17 October 1929 in Moora, Western Australia.

Died 17 October 1929, Walebing Road, Moora. Farmer, aged 44. Cause of death: effects of cynide poisoning, self administered. Parents: Anderton Hall and Lily Bruce. Buried 19 October 1929, Karrakatta. Born Roebourne. Married aged 29 in Fremantle, to Cecile Deakin. Living issue: Geoffrey (14 years), Evan (12), and Peter (5).[2]