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WikiTree and FamilySearch are 'unified family tree' sites. The first is run by a private company in the US, and the second by by the Mormons. They're both good places to put information, because other people might find it and help out. Make sure to link back to ArchivesWiki (using the {{ident}} form of URL).

We used to link to WeRelate but that site is not really under active development any more.

Name Wikidata WikiTree FamilySearch
Ada Maud Florence Solberg (née Hall) Q113960966 Hall-22141 LDWF-B1Q
Agnes Dunsmore
Agnes Grant
Agnes Hay Wilson Wilson-85055
Agnes Smith
Aileen Marion Gertrude Croskery
Alan Louis Mathew Berryman Berryman-1311 GQWZ-63Q
Albert James Croskery
Alex Fane
Alex McRae
Alexander Brown Croskery
Alexander Browne
Alexander Dunsmuir
Alexander Garrick Wilson Q46335798 Wilson-100257
Alexander Gilmour
Alexander Macleod Wilson Wilson-97349
Alexander Wellington Croskery
Alfred Frank Aldridge (1846-)
Alfred Frank Aldridge (1866-)
Alice Evans
Alice Gilmour
Alice Judith Aldridge
Alice Key
Alice Lily Abram
Alice Rose Munday (née Cook) Q67200719 Cook-46457 M1YY-14S
Alice Webster (d.1787)
Allan F.H. Kopke
Andrew Oswald Wilson Q21664073 Wilson-85028 LDWF-YKK
Andrew Wilson
Ann Leake (née Heading)
Anna Maria Fry
Anne Leake (née Growse)
Anne Lumley Hall (née Bernard) Q107303011 Bernard-1770 LDHJ-DVC
Annie Hall (née Carpenter) Carpenter-19334
Annie Wilson
Archibald Paull Burt Q4786233
Arthur Gilbert Howell Q27850008
Arthur Oliver Lodge Q114712600 Lodge-1951 GWMQ-4Y2
Arthur Wilson
Barbara McRae (née Lindsay-Cowan)
Benjamin Browne jnr
Bertram Fowler Hussey Hussey-2510 KHW4-7NZ
Bertram Frank Hussey Hussey-2509 M3ZC-ZX6
Bertram Mead Denton Barker Munday-1442 LRDW-M2S
Blanche Edith Kelsall (née Leake)
Boyd Gilmour
C.H. Hammond
Catherine 'Katie' Wilson
Catherine Leake
Catherine Munday (née Aldridge)
Catherine Stone (née Munday)
Charles Abbey
Charles Brown Hadden
Charles Edward Hancox Hancox-915 GZB3-H9Z
Charles Frederick Barker
Charles Frederick Barker, Jr.
Charles Frederick Fearon Barker
Charles Frederick Strangeways Barker
Charles William McHarg Wilson Wilson-85052 97FN-7MB
Charlotte Catharina Hall
Charlotte Donegan
Clara Croskery (née Nicol)
Colin Braidwood Hancox Hancox-919 G8PY-9C2
Connal MacConal L7SP-TGP
Constance Boyd Berryman (née Hall) Q77018876 Hall-55123 G7Y2-1V2
Constance Janet Martin Martin-81432 GZTY-CT5
Daphne June Wilson (née Robinson)
David Garrick
Dennis Lodge Martin Q89700272 GZTY-Z6R
Derrick Mowbay Robertson KZW1-1TL
Desiree Constance Hancox (née Griffiths) Griffiths-5838 G68S-Q46
Dora Ann Hall Q113517791
Dorothy Jean McHarg Agnew (née Wilson) Wilson-85035 LDWF-Y3K
Edith Olive Wilson (née Hall) Hall-22340 K86L-2CW
Edward Frank Hall Hall-22338
Edward Godfrey Hester
Eliza Anne Burt
Elizabeth Barker
Elizabeth Barker (née Hezelwood or Hazelwood) Hezelwood-1
Elizabeth Carolina Clifton (née Oldenbourg)
Elizabeth Garrett (née Munday)
Elizabeth Garrick (née Robertson)
Elizabeth Hazelwood (née Meade)
Elizabeth Leake (née Brownrigg)
Elizabeth Meade (née Dobson)
Elizabeth Merrett (née Coppin)
Elizabeth Munday
Emily Cook
Enid Joan Lodge (née McRae) McRae-1279 9JBL-ZYQ
Ephraim Wilson
Eric Clifton
Eric Geoffrey West Hancox Hancox-913 GZB3-LGY
Eric Hancox
Ernest Albert Donegan Donegan-263 K8LW-CXR
Ernest Anderton Frank Hall Hall-22330 9VL3-CKP
Ernest Theo. Hall
Estelle Hall
Esther Winifred Hall (née Smalpage)
Ethel Chard Hancox (née Nelson) Nelson-26173 LZP1-7DT
Eugene Grebenik
Eva Agnes May Hall Hall-22329
Eva May Hall (née Marwick)
Evan Hubert Hall
Fanny Cook
Frances Hancox (née Heeley)
Francis Darcy Meade Barker
Francis George Smalpage
Francis Meade
Frank Heeley Hancox Hancox-914 GZB3-82Z
Frederick Gordon Wilson Wilson-84994 K2TT-CKH
Frederick Henry Valentine Hester
Frederick Lodge Martin Martin-80316 GZTY-FGP
Frederick Teesdale Q27178308 Teesdale-55 K2VG-ZMK
Garrick Wilson
Geoffrey George Powell Powell-21043 GJPM-45M
Geoffrey Hubert Hall
George Bracher
George Giles
George Henry Burt
George Hill Munday
George Lazenby Q17479330
George Leake (1726-1771)
George Leake (1786–1849)
George Leake (1856–1902) Q1507747 Leake-255 KHR2-4MH
George M. Oldenbourg
George Walpole Leake Q5545848 Leake-71 G3K7-LQ7
George William Henry Hall Hall-22328
Gervase Clifton
Gillian Paget
Gladys Bythell Barker
Gladys Jean Lodge (née Smith) Smith-111293 GD35-QHZ
Gordon Salom
Grace Hall
Gwynneth Winifred Hutchinson (née Hall)
H. A. Cooke
Hannah Boyd Hall (née Lazenby) Q28918158 Lazenby-491 K8JF-P88
Harold Aubrey Hall Q33169956 Hall-47093 MWQK-S43
Harold Nelson Hancox Hancox-917 LTZR-XKD
Harry Hancox Hancox-911 GZBS-D8S
Harry Merrett Hancox Hancox-916 GZB3-7XQ
Helen Margaret Wilson (née Hall) Q58030897 Hall-55121 G7Y2-R7V
Helen Rose Hall (née Lodge) Q96755346 Lodge-1830 LDWV-9P5
Helen Wilson (née Nelson)
Henry Bertram Mitford Barker
Henry Calvert Barnett Barnett-13332 M7J5-RD3
Henry Cook
Henry Edward Hall snr. Hall-22347
Henry Edward Hastings Hall Q46165389 Hall-4122 LZW7-RQ3
Henry Ernest Hall Hall-47092 MWQK-SWT
Henry Hastings Hall Q113517780
Henry Souttar Lodge Lodge-598 GWMQ-7BM
Henry Strangeways
Henry Truman Kelsall
Henry Yelverton
Henty Hastings Hall
Herbert Bruce Wilson Wilson-85025 LDWF-YQ3
Herbert James Donegan
Herbert Reginald Hester
Hilda Blanche Barker
Hilda McCue McCue-782
Hubert Sylvian Hall Hall-22341
Hugh Croskery
Hugh Murray
Ian Wallman
Iolanthe "Biddy" Fane
Iris Hall (née Carr)
Iris Joy Wilson (née Arnold)
Isabella Barker (née Fearon)
Isor Cecile Ester Hall (née Deakin) Deakin-533
James Anderton Hall Q46167569 Hall-22325 9VL3-C22
James Denton
James Denton Barker Barker-14875 GSTY-CJ4
James Garrick
James Herbert Edward Hall Hall-22339
James Herbert Wilson Q108117390 Wilson-84877 KZ42-CX9
James Mitchell Wilson Wilson-100256
James Munday
James Munday snr.
James William Lang
James William Munday Munday-1468 M27S-5LP
Jane Meade (née Strangeways)
Jane Wesley Rowe (née Lazenby)
Janet Wilson (née Garrick)
Jean Bennett Wilson (née Livingston) GZB2-Z4Z
Jean Gilmour (née Dunsmore)
Jeanie Elenora Dunsmuir MacConnal (née Croskery) GZBS-DZG
Jemima Munday (née Brown)
Jessie M. Bowden Bowden-4054 K2VM-JZ4
Jessie Rose Ellen Skinner (née Leake) Q76372224 Leake-676
Jessie Susan Wilson Wilson-85054
Joan Leake Salom (née Hall) Q94465147 Hall-55124 G7YL-7NL
Joan Nyria Denton-Barker (née Hancox) Hancox-1 G7Y2-ZYS
Joan Soutter Martin (née Lodge) Lodge-1947 KZJ1-885
John Browne
John Bruan Luard Gilmore
John Dulford Walrond GC9Y-66H
John Frederick Barker
John Hill Munday Munday-1333 M2Q1-1SW
John Hogarth
John Hugh Clarence Hall Hall-22326
John Leake
John Livingston
John Livingston Wilson
John McRae
John Munday
John Philip Dale Hancox Hancox-938 G68S-376
John Wilson
Jonathan Parsons
Jonathan Tong Barker Barker-16119 GZB8-6VY
Joseph Bolton Barker
Joseph Gilmour
Joseph Hill
Joy Hannah Emma Margaret Clifton (née Hall) Q33166236 Hall-47110
Judith Helen Bond (née Donegan) Donegan-322 G89X-36F
Julia Leat
Kate Harriott Oldenbourg Clifton
Kate Munday
Kathleen Barker (née Munday) Munday-1332 GSP7-PNJ
Laetitia Hester (née Hall) Hall-4120
Lesley Young (née Hussey) Hussey-2698
Lilian Jessie Rae Hussey (née Wilson) Q108122058 Wilson-85026 GZBC-YFK
Lillian Bertha Ella Hall Hall-22332 LDWF-B11
Lillian Helena Hall (née Bruce) Q78851972
Lily Clifton
Louisa Emily Leake (née Burt)
Louisa Leake (née Walpole)
Lucas (or Luke) Leake (1682–1749)
Lucky Oceans
Lucy Hall (née Lazenby) Lazenby-326
Luke Leake Leake-768
Luke Leake (1756–1799)
Luke Leake (fl.1682)
Luke Samuel Leake
Lynda Amy Kathleen Donegan (née Innes) Q64796915
M. Hazelwood
Madge Louise Gilmore (née Clifton)
Margaret Rae Wilson Wilson-85056
Maria Mary Hancox (née Merrett) Merrett-334 GZBS-85Y
Marian Gilmour Hancox (née Croskery) Croskery-49
Mary 'Maimie' Agnes Wilson Wilson-85053
Mary Ann Chymist
Mary Ann Lazenby (née Wells)
Mary Anne Lodge (née Soutter) Soutter-5 LHT3-WFY
Mary Croskery (née Gilmour) 9MNV-NPL
Mary Elizabeth Wallis
Mary Ellen Barker (née Moulsdale)
Mary Giles (née Munday)
Mary Louisa 'Mollie' Skinner Q14954680
Mary Lucy Kate Hall Hall-22327
Mary Munday (2)
Mary Munday (née Hill)
Mary Ray Hancox Nelson-26174 LTZR-6V8
Mary Wilson (née McHarg) McHarg-174
Mary-Ann Leake (née Walpole)
Matilda Ann Hester (née Logue)
Maurice Salom Salom-42 M3K5-9SM
May Hussey (née Wesche) Wesche-33
May Wilson (née Livingston)
Meath Hammond
Mildred Mary Munday
Millicent Joyce Branson Clifton
Moses Hezelwood MGP4-PSZ
Mr Hester
Mr Small
Mrs Leake (née Glover)
Nancy Lodge Lodge-1949 GM1Z-24C
Napoleon Aldridge
Nelson Munday
Nicholas Buicich
Nora Katie Westbrook (née Munday)
Norman Martin Martin-73615
Norman Merrett Hancox Hancox-937 G68S-QLK
Norman Watson
Olive Adele Lang (née Wilson) Wilson-85033 LDWF-Y7Z
Olive Ruth Naismith (née Hammond) Hammond-11726
Oliver Lodge
Patricia Helen Robertson (née Martin) Q112970816 Martin-76669 GC9R-8SP
Patricia Kathleen Donegan Donegan-265 GMQQ-L6N
Percy Strangeways Day Barker
Peter Beresford Hall
Peter Innes Donegan Donegan-264 G7YL-5NP
Pietro Porcelli Q7193023
Priscilla Small (née Munday)
R. Woodhouse
Ralph Munday
Ralph Munday Denton-Barker Denton-Barker-2 G7Y2-BL3
Raymond K. Abbot
Reginald George Hall
Reginald Logue Hester
Rev. Oliver Lodge
Richard Henry Merrett
Richard James Hancox Hancox-910 LWT9-XBR
Richard Philip Hancox Hancox-920 G8B1-SY2
Robert 'Bob' Crichton Wilson Wilson-85058 97FN-1SN
Robert David Garrick Agnew Q5523974 Agnew-1967 97YQ-V5Y
Robert Edward Hester
Robert G. Wilson
Robert Gordon Agnew Agnew-1965 LDKK-D8Y
Robert Henry Hester
Robert John "Jack" Lodge Lodge-1096 GMS9-MNR
Robert John Lodge Sr. Lodge-258 LHT3-W6Y
Robert Wilson
Ron Oliver
Ronald Charles Munday Hadden
Rose Ellen Leake (née Gliddon) Q76372226 Gliddon-20
Rose Metcalf
Rosemary Ann Hancox Hancox-918 GZBZ-6GM
Rowan Evan Hall
Samuel Chymist
Samuel Davey
Samuel Godfrey Boyd Hall Hall-22331
Samuel John Rowe
Samuel Lodge Q7412031 Lodge-267
Samuel Maxwell West Croskery 9MNV-NPF
Sarah Adeline Munday
Sarah Constance Lodge (née Leake) Q76372232 Leake-547 K41K-WK5
Sarah Louisa Bracher (née Hall) Hall-22333
Sarah Theodosia Hall (née Branson) Q46166058
Simon Meade
Sophie Georgina Hester
Strangeways Meade
Stuart James Lang
Sydney (or Cecil) Randel Hall Hall-22342
Theodosia Alice Hester
Theodosia Sophia Hester (née Hall) Hall-4119
Thomas Alexander John Lodge Lodge-1950 GM1Z-N13
Thomas Branson
Thomas Donegan Donegan-253
Thomas Elias Hancox
Thomas Galliard Cook
Thomas Hall Hall-59274
Thomas Henry Barker Q31270355
Thomas Henry Walpole
Thomas Hezelwood MGP4-PSP
Thomas Munday
Thomas Percy Conyers Barker GSBQ-8HH
Thomas Rowe
Thomas Soutter Lodge Q98155718 Lodge-1831 LLW4-91P
Thomas Strong
Thomas Strong Hall
Tita Clifton
Vera Munday (née Maunder)
Virginia Kathleen Denton Grebenik (née Barker) Munday-1441
Walter Edward Munday Munday-1469 M27Q-5TT
William Byron
William Charles Fawcett Fawcett-1881 GXD8-FDM
William Danby Holt Barker
William Garrick Wilson Wilson-85057 97VT-Q2S
William Munday Munday-1467
William Munday (2)
William Murray Wilson Q88222462 Wilson-84876 LDWF-Y3Q
William Shakespeare Hall Q8018316 Hall-22337 LZW7-5LZ
William Shakespeare Hall Jr.
William Wilson Wilson-85027
William Wilson snr. Wilson-100255